Benson Price Consultants Ltd focus on identifying the cultural links between candidates and organisations. This attention to detail is important, as culture is often a key factor in long-term organisational success.

Why Is Culture Important?

Cultures can widely vary between organisations – a culture’s effectiveness can depend on a business market, strategies, size and workforce. An effective culture for a finance company may be disastrous for an electronic manufacturer. Our research confirms that culture influences organisational performance, within areas such as attendance, customer satisfaction, productivity and staff turnover.

Which Culture Is Best?

The best culture depends on the business. Some cultures appear to be more consistently effective than others. Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies describes the key attributes of 18 companies which remained consistently among the top of their markets for over 50 years. Remarkably, these companies did not happen to share any common, distinctive cultural attributes. However, all 18 placed significant value on hiring, developing and managing employees based on clear cultural principles and beliefs – each knew what they wanted to have and sought to hire people who fit their unique culture.

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